About Us

At Lily's Lux, we have been pioneers since day one. Introducing innovative products to our market is what we do, we bring together beauty in a way that no one else has imagined. Our innovativeness immediately connects with our beauty lovers and how they actually shop in our stores and online.

Today we’re in an exciting time as culture is shifting and beauty is evolving. As we head into our next chapter, we will continue to lead the same way we started – as pioneers in beauty. By celebrating the meaningful role beauty plays in our lives, redefining how beauty is portrayed and increasing support of trailblazing causes, we’ll bring new possibilities to life and drive more meaningful purpose for our brand, our company and our clients.


We’re on a mission to use the power of beauty to bring out the possibilities within every person, and that work begins with our associates. While we are diverse in so many ways, our people share a passion for redefining beauty — and a desire to build fulfilling careers.

  • Over 10 partner locations, distribution centers and ambassadors
  • Over 90% of our associates are women


We're full of possibilities because our clients are, too. We know they love the thrill of discovery, the rituals of self-care, and the fun of self-expression. Our community of beauty enthusiasts represent all ages, genders, skin tones and abilities. For them, beauty is a powerful way to show up for themselves.


We’re proud to offer a savvy mix of high and low, with an impressive product portfolio for all. Skincare is at the heart of what we do, from moisturizers to foot masks — and everything in between. Our makeup and fragrance selection also holds fun possibilities. We are pioneers and plan on expanding our product portfolio to include haircare and personal care in the near future.


We partner with industry leading professionals to offer the best beauty services to you. With safety always at heart, our expert hair, brow and skin services are just a few ways we love to connect with our clients — and help them look and feel amazing.